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Annika O’Kane


EBA Accredited Behaviourist, SEBC PTC, BEd and DipHE

Sharon Smith


EBA Accredited Behaviourist, MDM Cert., MSc IEng ACIWEM BSc(Hons)

Iona Augier


EBA Accredited Behaviourist, SEBC PTC, HND Equine Studies

Sarah Clark


EBA Accredited Behaviourist, BSc (Hons) SEBC PTC

Felicity George


EBA Accredited Behaviourist, BSc, MPhil, IAABC Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant and ABTC Accredited Animal Behaviourist.

Applied Behaviour Course

This encourages students to understand the behavioural needs of horses as a species, and assess each horse as an individual 

Evaluating the quality of their environment, their physical and mental welfare, how to train with the horse in mind and how to assess and work with unwanted behaviours.

Professional Behaviourist Training

After completing and passing the Applied Behaviour Course, you may apply to attend the Professional Behaviourist Training to complete your training and become an EBA Accredited Behaviourist.

The course is a mixture of classroom work, with mentoring on client calls, shadowing other behaviourists and project work.