Improving equine welfare by creating a supportive learning 

community for those interested in behaviour.

We welcome all within the equestrian world: horse owners, professionals or fellow equine behaviourists

About The Equine Behaviour Affiliation

The Equine Behaviour Affiliation (EBA) is a body of like-minded qualified equine behaviourists who share a vision –

To improve equine welfare by creating a supportive learning community for those interested in behaviour.

We welcome all within the equestrian world: horse owners, professionals or fellow equine behaviourists. 

Many traditional beliefs about the management and training of horses persist, despite not being well supported by science. For example, beliefs in regards to the natural equine hierarchical structure, ‘normal’ levels of aggression and the motivations for behaviours that appear disagreeable to us. 

These beliefs encourage a mindset that categorically omits what is thoroughly supported by an ever-growing body of research, namely the existence of stress related behavioural and physical problems and the wide variety of behavioural and physical expressions of these. 


We are indeed delighted to see that ethical and effective training of equines is being discussed and implemented in many equestrian fields, with education about this readily available. 

However, our equines are often still kept in perhaps the most unnatural conditions of all domestic animals. We feel that it is paramount, for our equines’ mental wellbeing, to pursue a deeper understanding of assessing and improving their complete environment.

To understand the impacts of management and how to address trauma and stress-related issues. To explore how mental health impacts upon physical health, and how to develop healthy sustainable relationships between people and equines. 

This deeper understanding of course benefits the humans involved, not just the equines, leading to safer, healthier co-operation between species.  

EBA members are passionate about disseminating what is known and actively exploring the profound effects of domestication in our attempts to enhance equine welfare and horse-human relationships.

We seek to work in harmony with well-established and excellent organisations, such as IAABC, to improve professional behaviourist practices and broaden awareness of ethical management and training. 

To achieve this we strongly believe in establishing a community that offers education and accreditation, mentoring and CPD.

By offering tailored education and accreditation to all levels, we hope to spread awareness of equine behavioural needs and how to manage and train them ethically across a broad range of equine professions.  

Applied Behaviour Course

This encourages students to understand the behavioural needs of horses as a species, and assess each horse as an individual 

Evaluating the quality of their environment, their physical and mental welfare, how to train with the horse in mind and how to assess and work with unwanted behaviours.

Professional Behaviourist Training

After completing and passing the Applied Behaviour Course, you may apply to attend the Professional Behaviourist Training to complete your training and become an EBA Accredited Behaviourist.

The course is a mixture of classroom work, with mentoring on client calls, shadowing other behaviourists and project work.