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Improving equine welfare by creating a supportive learning community for those interested in behaviour.

Applied Behaviour Courses

Next course starting November 2021

Our Courses

Our Equine Behaviour Courses aim to equip students with the knowledge & skills to manage, handle & train horses, keeping both their mental and physical welfare in mind.

Our courses are for anyone who wants to learn more about equine behaviour. Whether you are a horse owner or a professional in the equine industry; for anyone who spends time with horses, our courses are essential!!

We also offer 'Beyond Behaviourism' webinars every 3 months, free to supporting members for the first year 

Applied Behaviour Course

This encourages students to understand the behavioural needs of horses as a species, and assess each horse as an individual. Evaluating the quality of their environment, their physical and mental welfare, how to train with the horse in mind and how to assess and work with unwanted behaviours.

Professional Behaviourist Training

After completing and passing the Applied Behaviour Course, you may apply to attend the Professional Behaviourist Training to complete your training and become an EBA Accredited Behaviourist. The course is a mixture of classroom work, with mentoring on client calls, shadowing other behaviourists and project work.

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EBA is committed to supporting members through professional accreditation, education and opportunities for development.

We have 3 levels of Membership:

  • Supporter
  • EBA Student
  • Professional

Visit our Memebership Page for details on what each level offers and how to join.

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For any individuals who are interested in equine behaviour but who are not practising as an EBA Accredited Equine Behaviourist.

Student Membership

For anyone currently training with the EBA.