Trans-species Systemic Formulation®

Trans-species Systemic Formulation® extends a model recognised as best practice for understanding and addressing human psychological issues, by adding non-human animals into the formulation. 

  • Trans-species: acknowledges the inclusion of multiple species within a formulation. Trans-species psychology gives us validation of an approach where parallels between mammal brains are acknowledged, and species-specific variations are accounted for. 
  • Systemic: When considering an equine behaviour that people are concerned about, we look at the whole system within which that equine exists. We recognise that most problems are not located inside individuals. Instead, they tend to result from difficulties in relationships between individuals. These difficulties can arise from mismatches between the individual’s needs and the demands of their environment or those around them. In understanding this we can shift our focus to ‘changing the world, not the horse’. 
  • Formulation: Our method of formulation draws from Weerasekera’s (1996) four ‘P’s’. (Weerasekera, P.,1996. Multi-perspective Case Formulation: A step towards treatment integration. Krieger Publishing). 

With Trans-species Systemic Formulation, we integrate our understanding of brain function, psychological and physiological processes, and environmental influences to provide a truly biopsychosocial approach. We can apply this formulation to a single equine with behaviours that are causing concern, or to problem solving at a broader systemic level within the equine industry. 

Wherever we apply this method of formulation, it enables us to share a logical and thorough narrative of the situation. This narrative then allows us to work together to find ways of helping that enhance well-being and enable sustainable improvements for all involved.  


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