All EBA members are subject to the terms and conditions of their membership level. If issues arise with a member of any level please file a complaint using the procedure on this page.


Complaints Procedure



All EBA members are subject to the terms and conditions of their membership level.

If issues arise with a member of any level the following procedure should be followed

Filing of a Complaint

All complaints need to be made in writing, emailed to the EBA Secretary on secretary@equinebehaviouraffiliation.org

The complaint must include:

  • Name of member
  • Nature of the complaint
  • Date of incident
  • Location of incident
  • Violation of terms and conditions
  • Any other details relevant to the complaint to aid investigation

Receipt of Complaint

The Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the complaint.

Action Following Receipt of Complaint

The Secretary will review the complaint and forward to the appointed Disciplinary Board.

The Board will investigate the complaint and inform the complainant within 30 days of the outcome. As part of this process the member affected will be contacted.

In the case of serious incidents which may require further investigation and legal advice, a final decision may not be possible within 30 days. In such cases an interim update will be provided to the complainant within 30 days and they will be informed of the next stages.

In such cases complainants will have contact maintained over the period until there has been a resolution.

The Secretary will be responsible for maintaining contact with the complainant and the member unless otherwise specified.


Outcomes following a complaint could include the following:

  • No action
  • Written warning
  • Limitations on practice
  • Educational requirements
  • Mentoring
  • Removal as a member
  • Removal from an EBA course for students
  • Removal of EBA Registration
  • This list is not intended to be exhaustive and will be dependant on membership level.

Should any complaint be due to breaking of a law or legal matter then this will influence outcome.

Member Support

EBA will support members throughout the process.

In the cases of malicious complaints EBA will support the member as appropriate, including with litigation.


All complaints remain confidential between affected parties and the Disciplinary Board.

Should any subsequent changes in practice, ethics or learning be required then this will be anonymised.

Alternative Contact

Should the complaint involve the Secretary then complainants may contact the Committee member responsible for Membership who will advise on the required actions.

If the complaint involves a member of the Committee, they will not be involved in the Disciplinary Board or committee discussions on the matter.


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