EBA Equine Psychology Specialist Training

Each trainee will be individually mentored and assisted in developing the knowledge, practical skills and confidence required to go out and practice as an EBA Registered Equine Psychology Specialist.


Equine  Psychology Specialist Training

About The Course

The professional equine psychology specialist training offered by the EBA is a mixture of online class work and practical ‘on the job’ training. The training takes approximately 1 year to complete; flexibility is offered depending on each trainees needs.

Each trainee will be individually mentored and assisted in developing the knowledge, skills and confidence required to go out and practice as an EBA Registered Equine Psychology Specialist (EBA REPS).

Trainees will already have learned most of the theory required to help horses in a range of ways relating to their psychological health and behaviour.

To practice as an EBA REPS, the professional training covers the following:

– Working with clients within a therapeutic relationship

– A solid understanding of a scientific approach; the reflective scientist-practitioner model

– Professional practice structure

– Formulation practice: 10 cases will be formulated in online group sessions, and 12 cases will be seen individually, with real clients and horses, accompanied by an EBA training assistant.

There is a strong emphasis on consolidating theory to practice links – with classes, group discussions, real cases and supportive supervision to assist in this process.

Supportive supervision will continue after the trainee has completed this training, to further build skills and confidence.

Who is the Training For?

Anyone who wishes to practice as an EBA REPS and has already passed the EBA Applied Equine Psychology Course or can demonstrate equivalent knowledge and practical skills.

Applicants, in addition to having a good breadth of practical experience with horses, will have basic skills in using trans-species systemic formulation to structure their thinking about an ‘equine behaviour problem’. They will already be able to draw from areas such as attachment theory and trauma treatment models to understand and suggest practical interventions.  

Application Process

Students who have already passed the EBA Applied Equine Psychology Course can submit an application for a place on this course.

Working as an EBA REPS requires more than the knowledge and skills covered in the EBA Applied Equine Psychology Course, and the application process ensures that the applicant has both a good breadth and depth of experience working with horses and the potential to develop the additional skills needed to practice professionally.

If the applicant’s skills or experience are not considered to be sufficient at this stage, guidance on how to reach the level required will be given, and support provided where possible.

Applicants who have not completed our Applied Equine Psychology Course should contact us for information on the application process in this case.

There will be a strictly limited number of places every year, to ensure that students get the support and time they need from EBA.


The full course costs £2,000.

This includes a minimum of 40 hours of online classes, 12 visits to clients, and assessment.

If additional client visits are required, these will be charged at £45 per visit.

Assessment and Qualification

Assessment will be through coursework associated with the topics mentioned above, written formulations, and ongoing assessment of client work. 


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