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EBA is committed to supporting members through professional accreditation, education and opportunities for development.


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Supporting Member

This is for any individuals who are interested in equine behaviour but who are not practicing as an EBA Registered Equine Psychology Specialist.

This may include other equine professionals, retired or non-practicing members, equine behaviour students who aren’t students with EBA or those with an interest in horses and horse behaviour.

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  • Access to members only Facebook page
  • Opportunity to develop knowledge and skills
  • Discounted access to resources and CPD events
  • Free access to quarterly Beyond Behaviourism webinars for the first year of membership
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£25 Per Year

You can join as a supporting member by filling in the application form and making payment.


Professional Member

Professional members are required to be qualified in equine behaviour.

Knowledge and experience will be assessed through the application process.

In addition to being qualified, professional members will need to be:

  • Fully insured to practice
  • Committed to continual learning and development through CPD Working in an equine behaviour and welfare related area.

Professional membership is open to those who meet the requirements above – subject to application process.

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  • Use of title ‘EBA Registered Equine Psychology Specialist’ and the letters EBA REPS after your name
  • Use of EBA logo on promotional material and website
  • Listed as an EBA Registered Equine Psychology Specialist on the EBA website
  • Access to members only and EBA (Accredited) Facebook page
  • Quarterly educational CPD webinars / conference calls
  • Invitation to annual face to face CPD event (subject to additional costs) and AGM
  • Supportive supervision
  • Discounted access to resources
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First year

EBA graduates – £80
Other behaviour qualifications – £110
Continuous renewal – £80


Student Member

This is for anyone currently training with EBA

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  • Access to members only and EBA student Facebook pages
  • Quarterly educational CPD webinars / conference calls
  • Support with developing the knowledge and skills to become an EBA Registered Equine Psychology Specialist
  • Free access to resources
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£15.00 per year

You can join EBA as a student by registering and being accepted for any of our courses.


Specialist Advisors

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Occasionally the EBA committee may agree to approach individuals to join EBA in the capacity as a specialist advisor. This may be for a specific project or long term.

Specialist advisors will have knowledge and skills which will help achieve the goals of EBA, these advisors may not have an equine or equine behaviour background but have other skills such as in education.

Specialist advisors are not registered with EBA as Equine Psychology Specialists.

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Applied Behaviour Course

This encourages students to understand the behavioural needs of horses as a species, and assess each horse as an individual 

Evaluating the quality of their environment, their physical and mental welfare, how to train with the horse in mind and how to assess and work with unwanted behaviours.


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Equine Psychology Specialist Training

After completing and passing the Applied Behaviour Course, you may apply to attend the Professional Equine Psychology Specialist Training to complete your training and become an EBA REPS.

The course is a mixture of classroom work, supported practice with real clients and horses and project work.