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Our Applied Behaviour Course is suitable for horse owners, equine professionals, coaches and trainers. Our Professional Behaviourist course follows on from the Applied Behaviour Course, for those wishing to practice as a behaviourist.

Applied Behaviour Course

This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to manage, handle and train horses in a way that meets their behavioural needs as well as their physical needs.  

A deeper understanding of equine behaviour leads to: 

  • Improved physical and mental welfare for horses  
  • Improved physical and mental welfare for humans! 
  • More effective and enjoyable training

Professional Equine Behaviourist Training

The professional behaviourist training offered by EBA is a mixture of classroom work and practical ‘on the job’ training.

Each student will be individually mentored and assisted in developing the knowledge, practical skills and confidence required to go out and practice as a behaviourist

You will  shadow other EBA Behaviourists on client visits, where you will be given the opportunity to assist in cases. You will then be given the opportunity to carry out full client visits under supervision.

Join as a Supporter

For any individuals who are interested in equine behaviour but who are not practising as an EBA Accredited Equine Behaviourist.

Student Membership

For anyone currently training with the EBA.