Felicity George


Contact details:

Keir Stud House
By Dunblane
Scotland,FK15 9NU

Telephone: 07884 030533
Email: felicity@equinecarecentre.com
Website: www.equinecarecentre.com

Facebook: Felicity.George.Equine.Behaviour


EBA Accredited Behaviourist, BSc, MPhil, IAABC Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant and ABTC Accredited Animal Behaviourist


Felicity has a strong background in science, completing a BSc and an MPhil at Edinburgh University in the 1990’s, and then working there as a research scientist.

Her love of horses has been lifelong. She has worked with horses on a voluntary or part time basis for over 20 years; at riding schools, competition yards and rescue centres. She has 2 horses and a pony of her own.

In 2009 Felicity brought together her interests in science and horses and trained to be an equine behaviourist. Since qualifying, she has worked full time as an equine behaviourist, helping clients with their horses and running courses on equine behaviour. Felicity is the author of the chapter on riding instruction in the recently published book Equine Behaviour in Mind: Applying Behavioural Science to the Way We Keep, Work and Care for Horses.

 She is a certified horse behaviour consultant with the IAABC and an accredited animal behaviourist with the ABTC