Sarah Clark


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Telephone: 07748 338173

Facebook: Sarah Clark – Registered Equine Behaviourist                                                Instagram: sarahclark_equinebehaviourist   YouTube: Sarah Clark – Equine Behaviourist



EBA Accredited Behaviourist,  BSc (Hons) Equine Science, SEBC PTC


Sarah has lived and breathed horses her whole life but she decided to study the science of equine behaviour after unknowingly buying a horse who would dangerously rear and spin. After desperately seeking advice Sarah realised that no well-known trainers nor popular methods out there could help resolve this behaviour in a kind way, nor explain WHY it was happening. 

 Having already graduated university with a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science, Sarah returned to Warwickshire University to study the science of equine behaviour, which was to be the start of her passionate vocation as a registered behaviourist.

 In addition to helping horse owners overcome obstacles and achieve rewarding results with their horses on a daily basis, Sarah presents talks and demos and also writes for various publications including Your Horse magazine, Horse & Hound and The GaitPost online.

 Sarah is obsessed with learning more about horses through study and CPD’s. Mostly though, she gives thanks on a daily basis to her greatest teacher, the true expert in equine behaviour – the horse!