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Megan Burr


Equine Psychology Specialist

Megan Burr



Annika O'Kane


EBA Registered Equine Psychology Specialist, BSc, EBA Applied Behaviour Course


My journey with horses started at a young age with the family pony Ruby, who I shared with my older sister throughout our early teens. 

In 2015, I began studying at the University of Lincoln to read a BSc in Zoology, where I completed a dissertation on understanding ethology and breed preferences in domestic livestock, and visited Ecuador to take part in research on behavioural ecology and conservation biology. 

After university I began working in the equine charity sector, where I have been an employee for 5 years working with over 300 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. Experiencing such a wide variety of equines with different traumas and backgrounds provided me with experience I could gain nowhere else, and inspired me to look further into the psychology of horses, so I trained with the Equine Behaviour Affiliation to expand my understanding of equine needs and relationships. Through my work I have gained in depth knowledge of how trauma, both physical and psychological, can manifest in equines. I also work alongside the veterinary team in my role to identify horses that may need medical attention, treat on the field where necessary and administer medication. I fell in love with a rescued pony, Torrent a 6 year old Welsh Section D, at the sanctuary and rehomed him at the start of 2024. Together we are undergoing our own journey of trust, safety and learning



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