Sharon Smith



Sahron Smith


EBA Accredited Behaviourist, SEBC PTC, MSc IEng ACIWEM BSc(Hons)


Sharon’s own horse, Sam, was the catalyst for qualifying as an equine behaviour consultant in 2010. In practice, though, she found environment and health were perhaps more important factors in modifying behaviour. But, ever the pragmatist and realising the importance of rider stability, she trained at Talland for her British Horse Society exams.

She passed the PTC at her first attempt and she remains an Accredited Professional Coach. In 2016 Sharon graduated the MSc Applied Equine Science at the Royal Agricultural University, with distinction and two University prizes. The broad range of equine-related subjects covered and independent study of the academic literature, led her to reject previous teachings of horse-human social dominance and accept the consensus view of academics, ethologists and psychologists on the role of chronic stress in unwanted behaviour.

Sharon continues to support RAU students; co-authoring papers on behaviour, energy expenditure and equine weight estimation. She has written and delivered workshops and courses about how to review scientific literature, equine behaviour, equine neuroanatomy and operant learning. She has written for Haygain on a broad range of subjects and contributed towards the Equicentral resource and equine textbooks.

Sharon also promotes good equine nutrition and weight control using a mobile weighbridge, her studies and collaborations with academia and her experience as a novice runner. Her latest interests include silvopasture for equine health, and preservation of native grasslands.

She supports the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and the Woodland Trust. In the water industry she attained a first-class BSc(Hons) Water and Environmental Management and became a high-profile NVQ Assessor and Verifier; consulted by the sector Skills Council with regards to operational training standards.

Sharon’s experience of writing and running ISO9001 quality management procedures and project management skills, combined with her passion and knowledge of rural business, give her a unique insight to serve the rural demographic with products and services through her company, Pentalib ltd.


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