Sharon Smith MSc.: “A CAKE OF SIMILARITY”: Advances in comparative neuroanatomy


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In this brand-new webinar we’ll be considering a definition of Gay Bradshaw’s trans-species psychology which is, ‘the scientific recognition that animals share common brain structures and capacities with humans that govern thinking, feeling, dreaming, aspirations, and consciousness’ otherwise known as ‘the cake of similarity’ (with an icing of difference).
After equipping attendees with the tools to navigate the complicated language of neuroanatomy, we’ll journey through the horse and human brain - from stem to neocortex - using the latest imagery and evidence published in the last 5 years. On the way, we’ll be considering the role of specific structures – common to horses and humans.
This is all terribly interesting but, ‘so what?’. Well, we will also be looking at how everything connects, and what we can learn about horses from human research. There’ll also be an opportunity to clear up some of biggest confusions and myths about the equine brain.
You’ll be guided by EBA’s Sharon Smith, a 2016 MSc graduate of the Royal Agricultural University who gained a distinction for her neuroanatomical review of operant learning. Post-graduation this developed into her sell-out ‘Neuroanatomy in a Nutshell’ workshops.


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